Source code for repoman.common.sources.url

#!/usr/bin/env python
Parse a url, recursively or not.


    URL -> Will parse the url and get all the packages in that page
    rec:URL -> Will parse the urls recursively
import logging
import re

import requests
from urlparse import (

from . import ArtifactSource
from ..stores import has_store

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class URLSource(ArtifactSource): __doc__ = __doc__ DEFAULT_CONFIG = {} CONFIG_SECTION = 'URLSource'
[docs] @classmethod def formats_list(cls): return ( "URL", "rec:URL" )
[docs] def expand(self, source_str): urls = set() # for some reason it requires two chars in the last group source_match = re.match( r'(?P<recursive>rec:)?(?P<url>https?://[^:]*):?(?P<filters>..*)?', source_str, ) if not source_match: return set(), urls source = source_match.groupdict() if source['recursive']: urls = urls.union(self.expand_recursive(source['url'])) elif has_store(source['url'], self.stores): urls.add(source['url']) else: urls = urls.union(self.expand_page(source['url'])) return source['filters'], urls
[docs] def expand_page(self, page_url):'Parsing URL: %s', page_url) data = requests.get(page_url).text link_reg = re.compile(r'(?<=href=["\'])[^"\']+') art_list = set() for line in data.splitlines(): links = link_reg.findall(line) art_list = art_list.union(set([ self.get_link(page_url, link) for link in links if has_store(link, self.stores) ])) for art_url in art_list:' Got artifact URL: %s', art_url) return art_list
[docs] @staticmethod def strip_qs(url): split_url = urlsplit(url) if split_url.scheme: return "{0}://{1}{2}/".format(*split_url) else: return "{2}/".format(*split_url)
[docs] def expand_recursive(self, page_url, level=0): if level > 0: logger.debug('Recursively fetching URL (level %d): %s', level, page_url) else:'Recursively fetching URL (level %d): %s', level, page_url) pkg_list = [] data = requests.get(page_url).text url_reg = re.compile( r'(?<=href=")(/|%s|(?![^:]+?://))[^"]+/(?=")' % page_url) next_urls = ( self.get_link(page_url,, internal=True) for match in url_reg.finditer(data) if != page_url ) for next_url in next_urls: if not next_url: continue pkg_list.extend(self.expand_recursive(next_url, level + 1)) pkg_list.extend(self.expand_page(page_url)) return pkg_list